About Company

Big Ant ® is specialized in design and manufactures surgical staplers and related applies. We have two own factories, one is located in Nanjing( Nanjing Jiawei Medical Instrument Co.,ltd), the other one is located in Suzhou( Suzhou Deyu Medical Technology Co.,ltd). We were founded decade besides a facility Jinan Xianfeng medical devices Co.,Ltd as a marketing and operating headquarters, We have gotten the ISO13485 certification. All our medical products carried CE MARK, at the same time in factory quality control we are operating 6 SIGMA system.
Our Company focuses the forefront step of clinic technology field and resort with competitive technical research and development. We strive to supply comprehensive surgery solutions and excellent quality surgery products according to special characteristics of surgery products. Now our company has developed one of the most influential company including the manufacturer, researching and development, as well as internal and external sale in the surgery product area.
We have a specific organization (Expert committee)gathering numerous master including Surgeons、mechanism designer 、technologist and senior sales in Staplers industry in China. This makes us obtain the spirit of designer. and realizes that the great teamwork not only can achieve the same standard with original but also can create miracle. Due to it, our new products will much more benefit to the potential needs of clinical surgeons.
We have manufacture Disposable linear cutter stapler(GIA) and Reload units, Disposable circular stapler, PPH stapler, Linear stapler and Reload units, Skin stapler etc., Next step, we will develop and produce Disposable Purstring Instrument, Premium Surgiclip and Endo GIA staplers(Endo cutter stapler) products. However all above products we can provide OEM/ ODM service. All our product lines are used in large of medical areas, including general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, anorectic surgery, Cardio surgery, laparoscopic surgery, plastic surgery, digestion surgery, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and other fields. Our sales network is around the world. We also accredited sales operator to do professional technology support and service in China.
Our goal is trusted and faith, profession, harmony and development .
We are dedicated to the improvement and development of surgical facilities. We have intellectual property rights, independent brand and advance modern medical technology to satisfy various demands of internal and external surgical fields. We hope to eventually become a medical leader in the field of surgery through professional sale and marketing supported by networks to assist surgeons to operate clinic surgery fast, safe and accurately.
Our company always follow the "quality and technology-driven" development strategy to keep with developed countries' surgery expertise in Europe , Asia and east of mid. Our company learns from the best of the world, and creates and innovates to develop hi-tech surgical technologies. Our "people-oriented" management philosophy helps us establish and improve the modern enterprise system and combine hierarchical management with structural management. With the energy of our manufactory team, research and development team, sales team and administration team, our company also pursues the "sales leader" strategy to introduce new sales models, enhance marketing capabilities, implement global network of marketing base in China, and entry into the world to promote growth of our business.
We also have a professional team that full of vigor and vitality. Let us cooperates to build up the Big Ant ® brand image.

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